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With all the attention given to the Middle East today, it is important that the Western public receives a complete picture in order that their opinions and sentiment toward Arabs and their homeland’s is a responsible one.  Much of the history of these countries is left unacknowledged, untaught, and for the most part, completely unspoken.  One country in particular, Saudi Arabia, is clouded by mystery and stereotypes regarding the Islamic faith that its population holds.  HOME - Aramco Brats' Story is a feature length documentary film depicting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as seen through the eyes of the Western expatriate children who grew up there between 1933 and present day.  Aramco Brats were the children of expatriate workers who were employed by Aramco (Arabian American Oil Company) and who spent their childhoods within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The film is an amazing depiction of Saudi Arabia, Arabs, and Islam narrated by nearly 100 average Western citizens of all faiths, who choose not to concentrate on religion, but rather look at the other cultural aspects that many overlook when unfairly judging these people and their nations.

Beginning with the History of Saudi Arabia and its first monarch, King Abdullah Aziz Ibn Saud, HOME – The Aramco Brats’ Story mixes old and new media with the stories and commentary of average Western citizens to explore such topics as: Desert Storm, the Royal Family, the discovery of Oil in 1937, expatriate life within the region and the Western Media’s portrayal of Arabs and Islam.  Throughout the film, the audience comes to realize that the reporting they have witnessed, the small vignettes of footage they have seen, and the rumors they have heard are not indicative of the overall Arab culture.  One of the most interesting facets of the film is found in the understanding these interviewees carry regarding the acclimation of the Islamic world into the new millennium’s Global Village.  This privileged group of children and adults have, in their own way, inadvertently developed a Third Culture without denial of religion, race, color, or creed that is representative of the future earth culture, with a goal that is nothing shy of world peace.

HOME-The Aramco Brats’ Story is one in the first of a series of films that will, without a doubt change the world.  If you’ve ever held an opinion about the events of this day and age, or wanted to know more about the Arab world, this film is a must see.  You will leave inspired, humbled, and enlightened.





Todd, Matt and Zach



Born in Dhahran, a multinational expatriate community within Saudi Arabia, Mr. Nims’ studied and traveled the Middle East from an early age.  Interest in world cultures prompted him to live with the one of the last traditional Australian Aboriginal mobs, mix with the African Masai in Kenya and learn ancient traditions from the Kahunas of Kauai, Hawaii.

Four years ago he moved to Hollywood to seek his fame and fortune.  After searching high and low for a “lucky break” that was rumored to be waiting for him out there, he resorted to drawing upon his experiences as an expatriate and making them into a film. 

Mr. Nims attended University of Wollongong in Wollongong, Australia for Engineering & Cultural Studies and University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado where he received his bachelor’s degree in Communication.  He has been in the film and music business for eight years and has done production for companies such as Golden Era & The Hallmark Channel.  He oversees productions as chairman of Aramco Brat Media and helped direct and produce HOME-The Aramco Brats’ Story



Transplanted from America to Saudi Arabia as a child, Mr. Miller has also been fortunate enough to establish friendships that were free from national boundaries while traveling the world a time or two.  He has as a major goal to return to Saudi Arabia for a second collaboration between Aramco Brat Media® and Scenes of Salaam Films® in the sequel to HOME-The Aramco Brats’ Story.

Mr. Miller brings over seven years directing and technical expertise.  He has directed countless shorts, commercials, music videos and more as owner of Digipixel Studios, a Houston based film company and Scenes of Salaam Films®. Most recently he has won an award for directing the number one music video in Tanzania and first place for his entry in Houston’s 48 Hour Film Contest.  He got the ball rolling and helped to direct and produce HOME-The Aramco Brats’ Story.



Also born an expatriate in Saudi Arabia , Mr. Zachery Nims came to know the region first hand with his most recent trip being to explore Turkey at the request of a dear friend.  His premier music video was shot in Saudi Arabia and he is an accomplished editor and music mixer, with his most recent hit, Skate To Create, picked for the latest Element sponsored skate film SOUR. He is currently working on completing his first three books to be made into screenplays, a new type of children’s book, a solo music album and a new cartoon series that he originated being made into a screenplay by the talented Nims brothers.  He is known for his vision and creativity and brings over six years of expertise in film and music.  In the pursuit of his father’s dream, he will receive a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University in December, 2007. Zach helped develop, edit and produce HOME-The Aramco Brats’ Story.


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