If you want to know more about Saudi Arabia you MUST SEE THIS FILM!

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I am an avid documentary watcher and I all I can say is WOW!!!!
The mystery of the expatriate lifestyle in Saudi Arabia was new to me but the more I learned, the more I was enthralled! I couldn't even get up to go the bathroom. I had little knowledge about Saudi Arabia before watching this film but had always heard from peers in my professional about life there. I went from Saudi-skeptic to looking for a job there. If that doesn't say it all about this documentary, I don't know what does! A hearty thanks to the filmmakers, I hope they do something like this on other companies expatriate lives.

Bob Starnes, Engineer - 07-Nov-07

I am a Saudi female and a second generation Aramcon. Watching the video and listening to the people talking about Saudi Arabia while calling it “home,” brought tears to my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping raise Saudi Arabia's name and for helping bring back some of the friendly Saudi American relationship which I pray for every day.

Lamya Othman Altuwaijri
Saudi Woman working in Saudi Arabia

Todd and Mathew –

Having just viewed, HOME- The Brats’ Story I was personally touched by your stories of you and other Americans who have lived in Saudi Arabia over the past 60 years.  As two “Brats” who spent your childhood with our Saudi friends there could be no better interpreter of cross-cultural friendship.

Keep up the good work.  Best of Luck!

Senator Tom Katus
State Senator South Dakota

These boys made a positively beautiful masterpiece!

Ferial Masry
Author, Teacher
& first Saudi Candidate for US Assembly

This film was an artistic portrayal of a country and the effects its people and culture had on those who came from another country to make Saudi Arabia their home.  At the heart of the film, it is a film of the heart, not to be missed.

Senator Sandy Jerstad
State Senator South Dakota

HOME was awesome!  You guys did a great job!

Jamie Layton

Great job guys! I just sat & watched it once through and it was well paced, good content, nice stories, great visuals.

Carl Calabro

You all did a great job!  It was very educational, as well as nostalgic to say the least.  Several good messages were expressed and I just felt so proud of Todd, Zach and Matthew.  We love you guys.  Thanks again!

Linda Scarritt
Expatriate Teacher that taught in Saudi Arabia

You guys deserve a lot of thanks for all your enthusiasm, and your excellent and very hard work.  Good work!

Bill Tracy

I got my “Home” DVD today and it is brilliant, absolutely brilliant! What a great job all of you did!!! Kudos all the way around to everyone involved in making this wonderful piece.

Steve Furman

Congratulations!! I got my copy and saw it last night with all my kids. It was truly wonderful!!!

Mario and Deanne Salazar

Though the tip of the ice berg has been recognized, HOME-The Aramco Brats’ Story takes us further below the surface as we are allowed to put a human face to the experience.  I can show this to my family in America, as well as friends, who do not visually or emotionally know what I mean when telling them about "where, when, and how," we grew up. The point is; there has been a human face put to who we are and what we experienced.  Though we know who we are, and the reunions prove it, the film makes it tangible in a whole new way.  Awesome job guys!

Mark Dolce
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